Computing jobs are among the highest paid and have the highest job satisfaction

Now that we have your attention, why not learn more about Computer Science Technology in CEGEP; a career program geared towards giving you the edge to compete in the arena of innovation. Whether as a stand alone discipline, or as an alternative path to university, our program is one of practical hands-on experience, designed to engage your passion for technology, computers, and problem solving with grounded fundamentals and practical application. Essentially, revving the creativity needed to drive the 21st century.

Stephane Plante
Stephane Plante
age 29

Fabienne Serraiocco

Fabienne Serraiocco

"I love computer science. I love my job."

Fabienne has been working at IBM since 2005 as an IT Administrator, maintaining databases and operating systems for large corporations. Although sers flooding her way after CEGEP graduation were "too good to pass up." flooding her way after CEGEP graduation were "too good to pass up." Fabienne entered the work force and currently balances her career with family life.

Roly Laguerta

Roly Laguerta

"I can't imagine doing anything else."

Roly wanted to be a musician but found Computer Science to be "a milder form of rebellion." He "always liked computers and used them to practice guitar and playing back tracks".In fact he continued to play music on the weekends while working toward a comfortable future. "I knew that workplace experience would get me farther than any diploma once I had the basic skills.


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